Basey Fiesta Many things had happened since the time this site first came up. I left CyberDyaryo and other lucrative extra writing jobs, moved to Vancouver, got married, met a very serious car accident, and had two kids.

I am now living with numerous disabilities as a result of a traumatic brain injury from my accident, but to paraphrase the Beatles, I get by with a little help from friends, professionals, and of course, my family, my kids especially.

Some things hardly changed, however. I'm still crazy with sushi and sashimi, I still read Dave Barry.

As before, I still love extreme adventure sports, though doing them is impossible now, given my current pysical condition. I've done adaptive waterskiing, however, as well as gliding, and the very relaxing disabled sailing.

But I have high hopes for my children, and want to see them pursue such hobbies as sky-diving for Vladi, figure skating for Miwa, and platform diving for DJ. But that's wishful thinking several years ahead of time, so for now, memories of me bungee-jumping, tubing (the Philippines' local, more dangerous variation of white-water rafting), spelunking , skating, board surfing, or playing volleyball and tennis make me relatively happy. I dream of writing a book on adventure sports (among the many books I plan to write) and these memories keep my desire burning.

At the moment, absurdist fiction facinates me, so doodling and reading in the next little while will be for that pursuit.

If you want to work with me and want to know my humble background first, go to my resume. With my handicaps, however, I plan to write extensively, hopefully, in this lifetime ;-). I'm oozing with story ideas now, after all that I've been through.

The kids and I go to church, too, to Our Lady of Good Counsel.

To get focused, the Supreme Court of Canada judgments is, to me, a good centering read, enough to get me through a day of confusion. You might also want to try the interesting links here .

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I started writing in 1998. This list, however, does not contain all the articles I wrote from then on, mostly because this web site didn't come about until early 2000. By that time, most of my articles that were on the archives of this and that publication had been "retired."

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With Greg
With Greg at the Cyber Dyaryo offices

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With Jonathan at Sultan Kudarat Municipal Hall

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